Facebook is now flooded with posts and updates from a new Facebook application called Facebook profile viewer. It claims that Facebook has updated itself with a new technology which helps its users to check who had visited them. The following is the message it posts

Facebook scam Facebook Profile Viewer

New Update from facebook. Now you can check who visited your profile.

check here ——–»>FACEBOOK PROFILE VIEWER ®««——
Who Watching your Profile ?

The scam is spreading so fast because it posts a photo and tags the friends who had interacted recently. It tags friends on the posted photo so that every friend of the tagged person will get an update. This feature enables it to go viral.

photo tagging new facebook scam

Almost 60% of people who see the message click the link.it will guide them to the a page for setting the permissions for app. It will have permission to access basic information, profile information, photos, and recent interactions and post to wall on behalf of user.

ask permissions facebook scam

Many people are not aware of such scams and the apps keep on exploiting the ignorance. Most of the apps are designed to post on Facebook without the explicit permission of the user and encouraging other users to use the application.

These type of apps are mainly used to harvest personal information or to spread scams and spamming the social network. Those who had already fallen in the trap,can get rid of the app by revoking the publishing rights of the application. Users can remove the posts from their wall by clicking on the remove from timeline option in FB and of course it can be reported to Facebook as spam.

Those who want to try the app can try it here. Facebook does not provide any app to find out who had viewed your profile. Any application or website who claims to have a solution should be seen suspicious.

PS: I am not responsible for any spam links on your Facebook timeline. The link for the app is informatory and those who want to try it should try it at their own risk.!


According to Google Trends, mo’ money in fact does not lead to mo’ problems.


According to Google Trends, mo’ money in fact does not lead to mo’ problems.


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when you make a post, there is a box on the right that says tags, type in your desired tag and press enter to add tags eg:

the link to tagged post is http://YOURTUMBLRUSERNAMETHING.tumblr.com/tagged/TAGNAME.

so for example, for me to add a link to all the posts that are tagged as…


a good hug


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DETAIL: Chanel Spring 2012